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Welcome to Fox Language Academy, Sucre, Bolivia
Bienvenidos a Fox Language Academy Sucre
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Do you want to learn Spanish?
Whether you want total fluency or just enough to help you through your travels in South America, our school can help you achieve your goals while helping the local community.

Part of the proceeds from your Spanish lessons go towards funding English classes for local children and adults - subsidsing the cost for those who could not normally afford to learn. Our university-trained teachers offer one-to-one Spanish or group classes for all ages and abilities.

We're so confident that we offer the best Spanish lessons in Sucre that we don't have an enrollment fee. You just pay the hourly cost of the lessons.

Do you want to learn English or Quechua?
The Fox Language Academy also offers high quality English and Quechua classes. We see the teaching of Quechua as recognition of the importance of our indigenous culture and know that both languages will give our students better opportunities in life.

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